Atlantis Gateroom Mark3

Where do you come from?

Maj. John Sheppard:
Until recently, uh, Atlantis.

Stargate: Atlantis 2004

Features :

  • Partial Mesh
  • Scripted Lights
  • Jumper Bay roof door
  • Fully scripted doors with access list server
  • Red Alert / Code 9
  • Rezzable shield
  • Gateroom Alteran control panel
  • Incoming alert sound (for ASN gates)
  • Only 780 Land Impact
  • Copy and Mod permission

Box content :

  • Gateroom Rezzer (RezFree from CasperVend)
  • Read-me notecard
  • Control Panel trigger gesture

You can buy this build over the Second Life Marketplace or in-world at the Vk Labs vendors.

4.000 L$

Additionnal informations :

The gateroom contains small detailed mesh like pillar lights, desks and doors, it is recommended to use a viewer with LOD Factor set to 4.0 or above.