Naquadah Generator/Reactor Mk2

Power source that can be used standalone or connected to the ZPM HUBs

Features :

  • 100% Mesh
  • Animated and destroyable
  • Compatible with most SG accessories
  • Connectable to ZPM HUBs as Emergency power source
  • Low script count and land impact

How to use :

Once the generator/reactor has been rezzed, you can click it to get the setup wizard, here you must select one of the modes:

  • Standalone
  • Connected

In Standalone mode, the Generator can be activated or deactivated as usual and it will trigger a power change event (on or off) to the surrounding compatible objects.

In Connected mode, the Generator will contact the nearest ZPM HUB (within 10m range) and if this HUB connector is available, connect to it. This will slow-down the ZPM power draw in daily usage but can also serve as a emergency power source if there’s no active/available ZPMs in the HUB anymore.

In both modes you can click and hold the Generator for 1 second to get another owner only menu which allows you to disconnect/change the current mode or activate the “Overload” state.

The Overload state in both modes will activate a timer of durability, if it reaches 0% the Generator will explode and be destroyed, but in Connected mode, it will decrease more of the power draw of the ZPMs, and may even recharge them a bit.

TouchAcc setting: This allows you to switch whom can interract (turn off or on) the device, by default it is set to Group, so people of the same group as the device will be able to change its state.

Compatible devices list:

  • Icarus DHD
  • SGC DHD (soon)
  • Atlantis Mark3
  • Icarus Base (soon)
  • Midway Mark3
  • And more…
  • OS Labs devices

Output API :

On channel -8 and -99 while in Standalone mode

powerupGenerator turns on
powerdownGenerator turns off

Box content :

  • Naquadah Generator Mk2 – SG1 or SGA model depending on your purchase
  • Short Readme

You can buy this build over the Second Life Marketplace or in-world at the Vk Labs vendors.

200 L$

You can buy this build over the Second Life Marketplace or in-world at the Vk Labs vendors.

200 L$