Alteran ZPM HUB Mk2

Role-play ready system, activate your compatible items with the power of ZPMs.

Features :

  • Mesh build
  • Exchangeable ZPMs
  • Multi-user deposit/withdraw of ZPMs
  • Power drawn by multiple compatible systems
  • Dynamic floating text
  • Low script count and land impact
  • Overloadable/Supercharged ZPMs
  • Random events with FX
  • Blocks ASN gates dialing to other galaxies when offline (like in the show)
  • Multiple API outputs for best compatiblity

How to use :

In order to use the HUB you’ll need at least one ZPM, which you can recover from the store or from the ZPM Dispenser that’s available at the Atlantis build or near the Vk-Labs in-world store (when possible). Once you have it, rez it near your HUB, you should be granted with a menu asking if you wish to add the ZPM to that unit.
From there your HUB/Unit will now ‘power’ nearby items, if the ZPM is withdrawn or depleted, the power will go out.

The HUB has multiple access settings (listed below) that allows the owner to permit other players depositing or withdrawing ZPMs from it.

Players have three interactions possible, they can either click on the deposited ZPMs to activate or deactivate them, hold their click to withdraw them (if allowed) or click on the main HUB object and get a dedicated menu.

The player menu and owner menu isn’t exactly the same. While both allows to withdraw currently installed ZPMs, and display more information over the ZPMs as floating text, the owner is the only one that has access to the multiple security access settings and customizations.
As the ZPMs are no-copy they can be exchanged between players for role-play, but be carefull, they are extremly fragile if shot. (You can also wear them)

List of Compatible products:
  • Atlantis Gateroom Mk3
  • Midway Mk3
  • Teleporters 2.x
  • Custom Doors Script Kit
  • Naquadah Generators Mk2 (soon)
  • Icarus Redux (soon)
  • SGC Base (tbd)
  • Alteran Control Chair (soon)
  • OS Labs DHDs
  • More to come…
  • API Documentatiion available below to make your own…

ZPM Dispenser :

The Dispenser is an in-world solution to get new ZPMs, it’s sort of a donation box, you can either pay the preselected amounts to guarantie a ZPM quality or pay what you want.

  • < 30L$: At least 50% charged
  • >= 30L$: At least 80% charged, max 100%
  • >= 50L$: At least 100%, supercharged up to 170%

ZPM States :

The ZPMs can have multiple states:

HUB Menu :

  • Withdraw
    • Allows the user to withdraw his own ZPM or others ZPM if allowed.
  • Status/Diagnostic
    • Shows the ZPM detailed flaoting texts (the owner has additional details in chat).
  • Stats (owner only)
    • Shows the detailed statistics of consumed power by categories
  • History (owner only)
    • Shows who deposited/withdrawn the last ZPM
  • Settings:
    • Floating Text
      • Toggles floating text above the HUB
    • Sound
      • Toggles on and off the idle sound fx
    • Listen
      • Allows you to change the range of the listening APIs that drains the power
    • Output
      • Allows you to change the range of control of the HUB for the power on or power off and gate blocking.
    • Show
      • Shows you the current settings in chat
    • Energy Distribution
      • Changes the way the drawn power is distributed, either the lowest ZPM or to all equally.
    • CustomAPI
      • Allows you to add a specific channel to listen to, so each messages are counted towards the power draw.
    • Auto-Remove
      • Allows the HUB Unit to remove and delete depleted ZPMs, other wise they stay in the unit inert waiting to be manually removed.
    • AnyOwn
      • Allows the HUB unit to listen to any compatible objects to draw power instead of just being your own.
    • Block Dial
      • Blocks dialing to other galaxies while offline (only works on ASN gates atm)
    • RESET
      • Fully reset the HUB, restoring the ZPM first.

Some menu options will have a ‘Help?’ button to guide you further.

Box content :

  • Alteran ZPM HUB / SGC ZPM HUB (depending of the version you buy)
  • A ZPM charged at 100%
  • Short Read-me for owners

Incoming API :

Channel : -804040

get|current_totalReturns total power value and details
get|current_active_zpmReturns ZPM status
get|all_dataReturns list of complete ZPMs data
get|current_power_drawReturns the current power buffer
consume|<value>|<force>Adds the specified value to the power buffer to be consumed on the ZPMs
Value can be a float, force is a integer 1 or 0 to apply immediatly the change or not.
Attention that you’re sending ‘points’
Points are not percentages, 10 points approx equals to 0.1%
force_overloadIf no ZPMs are currently overloading, will force the most charged into overloading state

Outgoing API :

Channel: -804080

total_power|<total power>|<number of active zpms>|<zpm values seperated by ‘;’>Return of get|current_total
total_zpm|<zpm status 1>|<zpm status 2>|<zpm status 3>Return of get|current_active_zpm.
Status can be:
1 = Active
0 = Idle
-1 = Depleted or Disconnected
-3 = Faulty
power_draw|<power buffer points>Power buffer value is in float, its how much ‘points’ is going to be removed from the ZPMs, it cycles every 60 secs.
Points are not percentages, 10 points approx equals to 0.1%
hub_data|<zpm status seperated by ‘,’>|<total power>|<zpm values seperated by ‘;’>|<power buffer points>Returns pretty much every data of the HUB, see details above.
consumed|<value>Confirmation of consume incoming api

Channel: -8 and -99

powerdownSIgnals the HUB has lost power
powerupSIgnals the HUB is now activated
interferencesA ZPM has faulted
Channel -8 is often used in OS Labs and Vk-Labs systems

Buy options:

You can buy the Alteran ZPM HUB over the Second Life Marketplace or in-world at the Vk Labs vendors.

Current Version: 1.1

300 L$

You can buy the SGC ZPM HUB over the Second Life Marketplace or in-world at the Vk Labs vendors.

Current Version: 1.1

150 L$

You can buy this ZPM over the Second Life Marketplace or in-world at the Vk Labs vendors.

Current Version: 1.0

40 L$