SimWide BattleControl Radar
SWBC-R 2.x

A creative and complete sim-wide radar.

Features :

  • Sim Land map preview web-based
  • Asgard Teleport effect
  • Avatar position and activity monitoring (cute lil Android)
  • ASN & Novum Stargates positions and monitoring
    • Remote Dialing
  • Interractive menu for avatar management : kill, eject, ban, cage, mortar strike
  • Avatar teleporter, teleport to or beam up remote avatars
  • Access list to give access to other moderators
  • Included script to monitor your objects on the radar
  • Radar size adjustable (trough the settings)

How to use :

Once rezzed, move the radar to the desired area, then click “Setup” on the menu you recevied.
If you ever want to move it afterwards, you can simply move and rotate while its running, please allow 1 minute for all the pins (objects) to sync.

To change the radar settings such as color and size, you can easly click on the base to get there (details of options below).
You can also click on the individual ‘pins’ (user represented by Androids, boxes representing objects carying the beacon script, rings representing teleporters, or stargates) which gives you a pletora of options depending of the type of pin you clicked:


  • Eject
  • Ban
  • Kill
  • Mortar (sends a mortar stricke)
  • Drone (sends an Alteran Drone*)
  • Cage
  • Teleport -> Teleport To, or Beam Up
  • Plus -> Add/Remove (adds or remove that person to the access list)

Object (with the beacon script) and Teleporters:

  • Kill (deletes the object)
  • Remove (removes the beacon script)
  • Teleport -> Teleport To, or Beam Up


  • Remote Dial
  • Teleport -> Teleport To, or Beam Up


When starting up the radar won’t rez everything all at once to avoid spamming, allow it a couple of minutes to sync, specialy if there’s a lot of beam scripts or teleporters. After changing settings or changing the rotation the radar may take a while to apply to every rezzed nodes (pins). This is a normal behavior.

This products needs the ‘Death Caller’ (inclueded) to be rezzed and owned by the land owner to fully work. You can’t Eject, Kill or Ban without the it.

*The Alteran Drone requires an addon: Alteran Drone Launcher (not yet released)

Beam script :

The beam/beacon script simply allows any objects that holds it to be monitored by the radar, the name of the object is what dictates the name appearing in the radar.

Novum Beam Script :

This beam script allows the radar to detect and display remote Novum stargate around your sim and also remotly interract with them. In order to work, you must place that script inside your Novum gates.

Settings :

  • Distance
    • Toggles the distance meter below the object/avatar names relative to the radar position.
  • Display Name
    • Toggles the avatar name to use their Display names instead
  • Map Alpha
    • Allows you to change the transparency of the map at the bottom of the radar
  • Chat Log
    • Toggles the whisper chat when somone enters or leaves the sim.
  • Colors
    • Allows you to pick a different color for the radar or a custom one in RGB format <R,G,B>
  • Map Refresh
    • Forces a refresh of the Map preview
  • Group Check
    • Toggles a different colors on objects & avatars if their on a different group than the radar’s.
  • Hide Top
    • Hides or shows the top prim of the radar
  • Top Height
    • Allows you to change the scale of the radar Z axis
  • XY Scale
    • Allows you to change the scale on the X & Y axis

Box content :

  • SWBC Radar 2.x
  • Beacon script: simwide.table.beam.lsl
  • Novum Beam script: novum.table.beam.lsl
  • Short-Readme

    You can buy this build over the Second Life Marketplace or in-world at the Vk Labs vendors.

    700 L$