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News of 5 february

Hey guys,

We just released a bunch of cool new stuff this month and finished the day by releasing an update, so I wanted to make a recap!

New products:

Stargate AIO Server (link)
AIO multiple GDO's (SGC, Asgard, Pip Boy and an all new Sonic Screwdriver!)
Teleporters 2.0 (link)
Teleporters Plateforms (link)

And we recently updated the AIO server, if you're looking for the changelog here it is : link

Make sure to check them all because I've worked hard for it and remember that some of your old products are eligible for an upgrade to the AIO server!

Love, Vala.

Quote of the Day

Welcome on our website, I hope you enjoy the design and make sure you check it out on mobile devices as well. Thanks to Andrew for his help!

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